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Top 11 Reasons Why Fall is Awesome

October 15, 2015

Spring and summer sure are nice, but if you live in an area that’s lucky enough to experience the change in seasons, then you know just how wonderful fall is too! Between the transformation of the leaves, the cool, crisp air, and of course, the transition into the holiday season, there are so many reasons why autumn is something to look forward to. How many can you name? Below, we list 11 of our own »

1. Colors and Decor

What other time of year do you know of that produces colors as beautiful as fall does? With the streets and sidewalks turning into a sea of oranges, yellows and reds, the scenery fall presents is just amazing. Getting a bit more specific, one of our favorite places to see the colors come together is in floral arrangements and fall plants! From mums to hydrangeas, roses and more, the mix of fall colors make for a beautiful arrangement! And then there’s the decor. In addition to the fall foliage, you can make your home pop with fall colors by decorating with some of the season’s finest – starting with a fall wreath! What have you done to your home so far?


2. Pumpkin Everything

Whether it’s added to your breakfast, your coffee or your nighttime dessert, fall is all about pumpkin and pumpkin spice – one of our favorite flavors! Though you may be able to find recipes that produce this particular taste throughout the rest of the year, you won’t find it the way you do during the fall – it’s practically available at every store! The theme of pumpkin spice itself is used quite a bit too, such as in fall bouquets that can be used as autumn decor!


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Flower & Plant Care

How To Transport Flowers Safely (and Neatly)!

October 8, 2015

If you don’t have the proper packaging like we do at, we know that the struggle is totally real when it comes to transporting flowers from point A to point B; without it, things can get pretty difficult AND messy! If you’ve ever been the recipient of a gorgeous wedding floral arrangement, then you know exactly what we’re referring to – talk about water all over your car’s floor mats! Or, if you’ve ever brought flowers as a gift for a dinner party host and crushed a perfect bouquet of roses, then you’ve definitely experienced this struggle too.

Roses in car

But we have good news! You don’t need to be an expert to guarantee that your flowers will get from one destination to the next without a major disaster – all you need is a few simple tricks up your sleeve! Here are a few that we recommend remembering:

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Home Decorating with Flowers

Color Schemes To Use When Decorating With Flowers This Fall

October 2, 2015

Believe it or not, autumn is already here, and that means it’s time to start getting into the spirit of the season! In addition to spending time partaking in traditional fall activities like apple and pumpkin picking, a popular task on the to-do list of many is to spice up the home with fall decor. However, pumpkin scented candles, garland-like leaves and spooky lights aren’t the only items that can be used to share your love for the season with your home – flowers can be too! Below, we discuss some of the best color schemes to use when choosing flowers as your fall home decor of choice.

Pumpkin Mums

Though autumn leaves are seen falling from the trees in various shades of yellows, reds, even the occasional browns, the best color to use when decorating for fall with flowers is orange. From light to dark and everything in between, you can’t go wrong with this color in a floral arrangement! Here are some top shades for 2015:

“Pumpkin” orange:

Chances are when you think of autumn and the color orange, one of the first items to cross your mind is probably a pumpkin. After all, they are a symbol of the season, and an orange one at that! If you’re not sure which shade of orange to choose for your fall decor, anything resembling a pumpkin’s natural color is sure to work well.


Butternut orange:

Looking for something just a tad darker? Then you may benefit from flowers that are butternut orange in color! While they may not be as vibrant as an orange autumn rose or pot of mums, flowers in this shade can still fulfill the “orange” portion of your decor without straying too far from the recommended color scheme.

Burnt orange:

Hoping to add a bit more of a rustic feel to your home this fall? If so, you may want to consider flowers that come in one of the darkest shades of orange – burnt orange. But don’t worry, using this color won’t make your home seem dreary; in fact, it can even make your brighter yellows and reds pop more than they already do!

Burnt Orange Chrysanthemums

If, on the other hand, you’d like to add some variation to your orange floral decor, consider choosing from the following:


Can’t decide between more red or more orange? How about choosing rust? A color that conveys a little bit of both, this is a great choice for any fall floral decor. Tip: you may find that it mixes with golds and browns best.


Bronze is the perfect color to choose if you want to make your home appear calm. And the best part is, this color isn’t too bright or too dark, so it’s an excellent happy medium that can complement the rest of your floral arrangements.

Bronze Vase


Bordering on the fence of a red/purple mix, burgundy is an awesome color to add to your floral decor. Although it is a bit darker than the bright red roses you may be considering, it can add a soothing touch to your home.

Burgundy Flowers


Straying away from the typical oranges, reds and yellows is plum! Although this may not be the first color you think of when you think of fall, you’d be surprised at how good it looks when paired with other autumn colors. Just take a look at this arrangement and see for yourself!

Plum Crazy Flowers

But aside from these recommended colors and color combos, are there any that should be avoided during the fall? While pink is the perfect choice for an anniversary arrangement or the welcoming of a new baby girl, your best bet is to always stick with traditional fall colors when it comes to fall home decor. However, if you do have the need for an anniversary gift or other special occasion this season where pink is usually the top pick, you may even find success in choosing the above fall colors in these circumstances too!


If you have yet to decide which flowers you’ll use to make your home cozy and warm for the fall, remember this – ideal flowers to use are mums, lilies, roses and wheat. And just like you should try not to use spring colors to make your fall decor stand out, stay away from spring flowers such as tulips, iris and peonies when putting together a floral arrangement to decorate your home.

There you have it! When it comes to decorating for fall it’s simple – just stick to autumn colors and your home will be golden – just like the leaves radiating the season’s color schemes!

Floral Occasions & Holidays

October Birthday Gift Ideas & Facts

September 30, 2015

Fall – what a wonderful time of year! The leaves are changing, temperatures are dropping, and we’re making our way into the ultimate holiday season! To kick off the month, learn some more about October’s birthstones, zodiac signs, birth flower and gift ideas you can consider if someone special has a birthday coming up below »

October Birthstones: Tourmaline and Opal

Those with a birthday in October have two options for birthstones – Tourmaline and Opal. The multi-colored beauty Tourmaline is one of the most popular in the eyes of jewelers and those who collect gems; primarily a result of their ability to be found in almost any shade!

Opal, another classic that comes in many different hues, is particularly known for the way its color plays on its background at any given moment. Which one of the two is your favorite?

October Birth Flower: Calendula

Perfect for the month where trees, streets and sidewalks become a sea of orange, the birth flower for October is the marigold, specifically the Calendula. A mix of orange and gold, bouquets of this nature are sometimes also referred to as the “pot marigold.” This flower, along with any other fall floral arrangement, is an excellent way to deliver the spirit of the season to anyone who is celebrating another year of life this month.

October Birth Flower- Orange Calendula Flower

October Zodiac Signs: Libra and Scorpio

Those who are born between September 24th and October 23rd fall under the Libra zodiac sign. Known as relatively peaceful people, Libras find strength in their ability to be fair and cooperative.

For those with a birthday falling on October 24th or later, their astrology sign is Scorpio. People who fall under this classification are typically known to be smart with their resources, passionate and best of all, a true and honest friend.

October Birthday Gift Ideas

Autumn Sophistication FlowersNothing says happy birthday to an autumn baby like a gift that smells, tastes and looks like the season. Between home decor that radiates orange, yellow and red, food baskets that include some of the best the harvest brings, and of course, seasonal plants and flowers, there are so many amazing gift ideas available to show someone you care.

One thing else is certain – those with an October birthday are sure to love anything outdoors when the autumn air is cool and crisp. So, why not take your someone special out for a day of apple or pumpkin picking? You can even surprise him or her with a gourmet food basket as things wrap up to enjoy a taste of seasonal treats.

Pumpkin Patch Lighted Gourds


On the other hand, do you know an October baby who lives for Halloween? In addition to spending an evening at their favorite haunted house, give them a spooktacular gift that includes holiday themes – home decor is always a big hit! And the best part is, these decorations go great with any fall plant or fall flower – a combination you surely won’t want to miss out on giving!


Fun Flower Facts

How Can Flowers Improve Your Health?

September 23, 2015

September is Self-Improvement Month! What have you been doing to enhance your life in positive ways? If you haven’t started yet, don’t worry – there is still plenty of time to work on doing so this month, especially when it comes to your health! Did you know that flowers can help?

While most people may think of flowers as being the perfect addition to their garden or a nice gesture to send a message to a friend, family member, or significant other, they can also bring many health benefits to those who keep them around the house. Here are a few examples of how:


Often referred to as a symbol of love, roses may be able to aid your body in being able to ward off conditions like a cough or cold (just in time for fall and flu season!). How so? Since the petals are known to be a source of vitamin C, they can help with strengthening your immune system! But that’s not all they can do – if you’re looking to improve your appearance, such as your skin, roses can help in this area too as they can assist with your body’s process of creating collagen.

Pink Rose Bouquet

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Flower & Plant Care

Tips For Gardening With Your Dog

September 21, 2015

Did you know that Responsible Dog Ownership Day is in September? For all you dog moms and dog dads out there, we know that you probably view every day as an opportunity to give your pet the best possible care there is. But in honor of this observance, we’re touching on one more task you may not have given much thought to before – gardening with your dog.

Gardening with your pets- dog and flowers

Even though the summer is coming to an end and you may not be spending as much time in your garden as you did in the past couple of months, there are certainly plants and flowers that thrive in the fall – if you’re like us, that means you’ll definitely head out to the garden at least a few more times before the cold really sets in! And should your a-DOG-able pet be joining you as you head outdoors, here are a few tips to help keep them safe:

Be mindful of fertilizer:

Of course your plants need food to thrive, but just like you wouldn’t indulge in theirs, neither should your pets. In fact, if your dog consumes any of the fertilizer you put down in your garden, it could really take a toll on their stomach. As a result, your best bet is to keep dogs away for a while after tending to your plants and flowers – your garden and your dog will thank you!

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Inside the 1800Flowers Offices, INTERNal Perspective

INTERNal Perspective of 2014 Merchandising Interns

July 28, 2014

The merchandising team is responsible for ensuring that provides our customers with a wide variety of products that are sure to deliver smiles. Summer interns Isaiah, Donna and Sade are helping the team this summer. Find out what other fun activities they participate in during their internship.

INTERNal Perspective: Isaiah Rowe

IsaiahRoweMy experience here at has been very unique. I am a rising sophomore at Farmingdale State College and this is my first internship. Generally, when I hear internship, I think of getting coffee, stapling and collating papers. Though I’ve done my fair share of organizing paperwork, this experience has been much more. My team within the merchandising department has made me feel like a vital part of the team in addition to making me feel at home in the office. Outside of my department, I have had a plethora of opportunities to experience different aspects of the company including attending the annual fiscal year kickoff meeting and participating in an intern video assignment.
I’ve definitely had a lot of fun this summer at If I had to narrow it down to the highlight of this internship so far, it would have to be our Lunch and Learn workshop with Founder & CEO of, Jim McCann. It was amazing to sit down and listen to his story of building the company from the ground up. He is a hard-working and diligent man with a strong will to win and a sprinkle of luck. One thing that stuck was the importance of networking and connecting with people on a personal level. His exact words were “Build relationships first and do business second.” I was inspired by this because he was so candid and authentic. This internship has been a great opportunity as well as a great learning experience and I am very thankful to be one of thirty-four interns who get to take this all in. It will prepare me for the future and help me to be successful.

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Inside the 1800Flowers Offices, INTERNal Perspective

INTERNal Perspective of 2014 Product Development & Merchandising Interns

July 22, 2014

This week, get an inside look on how products are developed and curated – Ilana, Lisa and Megan discuss their roles in Product Development and Merchandising!

INTERNal Perspective: Ilana Faibish

IlanaFaibishInterning at has been a valuable and informative experience. I currently study Music Performance and the Business of Entertainment, Media and Technology at New York University and was very excited when I found out that I would be interning in the Product Development department. My manager has been such a pleasure to work for and I learned so much about the company. Product Development is an integral component of that works very closely with both the Merchandising and Photography teams to ensure that products on the website are fresh and meet the expectations and needs of the customers.
Half of my experience this summer has been spent in the office and the other half in the studio. When I’m in the studio, my manager and I are usually processing the bouquet orders that come in from Procurement. Currently, Product Development and Merchandising are working together to determine which new vases should replace older ones and how we can utilize excess inventory. We test these bouquets with a variety of vases in store that we may want to bring in, meet with the Merchandising team and determine which will be financially advantageous. When I’m in the office, I am updating and editing our Spring and Valentine assortment plans with adjustments according to the Gross Margins. By working in the office and the studio, I learned the different aspects of Product Development.

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Inside the 1800Flowers Offices, INTERNal Perspective

INTERNal Perspective of 2014 Marketing Interns

July 16, 2014

This week, Patrick, Madison and Simone from the Marketing Team discuss their internships. Though they are all part of the Marketing Team, each intern has a unique experience since they are a part of different departments.

INTERNal Perspective: Patrick Hartnett

PatrickHartnettEmail Marketing Intern

My name is Patrick Hartnett and I am an intern on the Email Marketing Team here at 1-800-FLOWERS.COM. I am a rising junior at Binghamton University where I am majoring in Business Management with a concentration in Finance and a minor in Spanish.

In the first few weeks of my internship, I was immediately immersed in the fast-paced work environment of a corporation. With no previous corporate experience, my time here at 1-800-FLOWERS.COM has been eye-opening. As a member of the Email Team, I have had the chance to interact with a variety of teams including Creative, Merchandising and Web. This exposure to different areas of business has helped me learn the everyday rhythms of a corporate work environment.

In respect to email marketing, my internship experience has showed me how much hard-work and dedication goes into every single email. The Email Team works weeks in advance to plan out and create the email campaigns that will be the most effective in connecting with the customer. Overall, my experience at 1-800-FLOWERS.COM has been invaluable. I am very happy to be an intern here and I am excited to see what the rest of my internship has in store!
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Inside the 1800Flowers Offices, INTERNal Perspective

INTERNal Perspective of 2014 IT Interns

July 11, 2014

This week, we are pleased to introduce five interns interning in 1-800-FLOWERS.COM’s Information Technology (IT) department. Parker, Gary, Erik, Michael and Shaffir all contribute to the company’s IT team in different ways, find out what they have learned and gained through their summer internships!

INTERNal Perspective: Parker Rappaport

ParkerRappaportWorking at 1-800-FLOWERS.COM has been a great experience so far. I currently study Computer Science at Brooklyn College and am interning with the IT Quality Assurance team, where I’m gaining valuable information on to test software in a large scale.
With a year left in school, I had a desire to work at 1-800-FLOWERS.COM because I wanted to be in a professional work environment close to home and work in corporate setting where my work was important to the company. I want to make an impact and that’s what I’ve been given the privilege to do here. I’ve already learned so much, not only about my field, but about the corporate environment as a whole and how much goes into running a large company.
Though I want to be a software engineer, this internship has exposed me to the different areas of the software development cycle. In addition, proper testing of software is something anyone working with software development needs to know.

I’ve worked on programming projects in school, but we didn’t test any of the projects as I have experienced at 1-800-FLOWERS.COM. In school, everyone would try to work on everything which was confusing, but here, everything is broken up into separate departments to get work done much more efficiently. This is something I’ll keep with me when I go back to school and when I start working full-time post-graduation.

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