Most Romantic Getaways in the World and United States

February 18, 2017

Private white sand beaches, miles of beautiful hiking trails and secluded bungalows – what more could you ask for? With nearly half the country still covered in snow, it can be especially tempting to get away during the winter. Whether you’re looking to spice things up with a trip across the world or just need some R&R over a long weekend, these retreats will surely turn up the heat.


With your choice of eight main islands, each more beautiful than the next, Hawaii is a popular travel destination for people all over the world. Its mix of large cities, lush natural foliage and white sand beaches leaves something for everyone. The main city of Honolulu offers a bit of everything, with high-rise suites, glorious beach resorts, luxury shopping, a boasting Chinatown and exciting nightlife. If you’re into something a little more adventurous, visit the Volcanoes National Park where you can walk along the trails of active volcanoes.

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6 Plants You Need in Your Bedroom for Better Sleep

February 16, 2017

Poor sleep can be caused by a number of things, like stress, too much caffeine and even late night cell phone usage (but let’s face it, when else are you going to catch up on your Facebook timeline?). This might be why the National Sleep Foundation found that lack of sleep is affecting more Americans than ever before – 130 million be exact. Believe it or not, there are actually a number of plants that have been proven to help induce sleep.


Simply smelling the flower has the ability to leave you feeling tired and groggy. After testing the effects of gardenia on mice, a German study found that these flowers had the same effects as valium on a neurotransmitter in the brain known as GABA. Many people in Europe have even began supplementing their sleeping pills with gardenia flowers.

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Valentine’s Date Ideas for All Weather

February 12, 2017

Whether you just met the person of your dreams, have been dating for a while, or are married with children, it can be hard to break the cycle of ‘dinner and a movie’ dates. Sure they’re fun for a little while, but when was the last time you and your loved one went out and tried something totally new? Quality time with your partner can be hard to come by, so make it count when it does! No matter if you have the whole weekend or just a few hours after work, here are a few sure fire ways to spice up your average date.

Spend a Day at the Spa

Sometimes all the planning, dinner reservations and outfit changes are more stressful than fun. Instead of a typical night out, spend the day in at a spa. Relax in the steam room or get a massage and facial all at your own pace. And who knows, maybe you’ll pick up a tip or two from the masseuse that you can try on your loved one at home later. Continue Reading…


History of Love Sayings

February 6, 2017

If you’ve fallen madly in love with someone, sometimes a simple, “I love you” just won’t suffice. For centuries, writers have dazzled us with their ability to describe the seemingly indescribable feeling of love. Below we explore the origins and meanings of some of our favorite sayings about love.

Love You to The Moon and Back

Every night, thousands of parents turn their children’s lights off, start to shut the door and whisper, “I love you to the moon and back.” The phrase of course means that you love someone a lot (477,710 miles to be exact), but where did the expression come from? The phrase originated from the best selling picture book, Guess How Much I Love You by sam McBratney.

The entire passage reads:
‘I love you up to the moon,’ said Little Nutbrown Hare.
‘Oh, that’s far,’ said Big Nutbrown Hare. ‘That is very far.’ Big Nutbrown Hare settles Little Nutbrown Hare into his bed of leaves.
He leaned over and kissed him goodnight. Then he lay down close by and whispered with a smile, ‘I love you to the moon and back.’

Moon over the ocean

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Flowers in the Arts

Roses in Pop Culture Movies and Stories

February 4, 2017

For years, directors and creators have relied on roses to tell a story in ways that words never could. While you may assume roses just symbolize love and romance, storytellers have long used the rose as a metaphor for everything from lust to destruction and rebirth. Below are some of our favorites films and stories where roses play an important role.

Rose shadow against the sun

American Beauty

It’s hard to watch American Beauty and not stare in awe at the use of roses throughout the film – filling bathtubs, on the coffee table and growing outside of the house. Initially, it appears as though roses represent love, lust and passion. While that may be true, the rose has been said to hold a deeper meaning in the film. Based on the tagline “Look closer,” it’s believed that roses symbolize the decay of American suburban life – as the films main (and married) character, Lester Burnham, begins to fantasize about being with his daughter’s best friend. The roses used for the film were chosen specifically because they are susceptible to rot, mirroring the family that began pure and whole, but is now falling apart. Continue Reading…

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14 Valentine’s Day Fun Facts

February 1, 2017

While we know Valentine’s Day is the most romantic day of the year, there is plenty more to the holiday than just that. After the Roman Emperor Claudius II outlawed marriage, Saint Valentine continued to marry men and women in secret. Even then, it was traditional for men and women to exchange flowers on their wedding day, as a sign of good luck and the start of a “blooming” relationship. Today, we continue to celebrate love on February 14th, the day Saint Valentine died, by exchanging flowers, and the more modern chocolates and teddy bears. But just how many flowers, candy and teddy bears is it really?

Whether you’re single and ready to mingle or coupled up for Valentine’s Day, here are a few fun facts about our most beloved holiday.

Couple holding hands

Valentine’s Day Facts:

  • Every year, more than 36 million heart shaped boxes of chocolates are sold across the country.
  • Sorry men, it looks like you’ll be spending twice as much as women this year on gifts. The average man spends $130 on Valentine’s Day, while women spend about $70.
  • Don’t forget about your pets! Every year, around 9 million people buy their pets a Valentine’s Day gift.
  • February 14th is the second largest card giving day of the year, just after Christmas. This year, it’s expected that 1 billion cards will be exchanged around the world.
  • Teachers receive the most Valentine’s Day cards, followed by kids, mothers, wives and girlfriends.
  • Hallmark was one of the first to mass produce a Valentine’s Day card, all the way back in 1913.
  • More than one-third of men are comfortable not receiving anything from a lover on Valentine’s Day.

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How Flowers and Herbs Can Help Fight the Flu

January 31, 2017

It happens every year like clockwork – one of your coworkers comes in feeling a bit under the weather and suddenly half the office is sharing a box of tissues. Unfortunately, the average adult will catch two colds a year. And because a cold and flu are viral, you’ll find little relief in antibiotics – presumably leaving you vulnerable to the aches, chills and congestion that comes along with a bad cold or flu.

Herbal Tea for Preventing Colds

While there may not be a cure for the common cold (yet!), there are plenty of natural remedies you can take to reduce your likelihood of becoming sick. For thousands of years, people have reaped the benefits of herbal supplements, and now – you can too! Continue Reading…

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10 Facts That Will Make You Rethink Love and Romance

January 28, 2017

It seems like John Lennon was right when he said, “love is like a flower, give it time and it will grow.” Romance is a complex mixture of panic, excitement, and joy. And while you may feel as though love and affection are entirely up to you, there’s actually a lot of science going on behind the scenes that you may not even realize. Here are some fun facts about romance you may not have known:

Couple hugging from behind with a kiss

Do You Believe in Love at First Sight?

According to researchers, it only takes 4 minutes to decide whether or not you like someone. Maybe that’s why we put so much stress on a first date! Hugging someone actually releases a chemical from your brain called oxytocin. When this hormone is released, it triggers feelings of intimacy and comfort. Continue Reading…

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Chinese New Year 2017: The Year of the Rooster

January 24, 2017

Break out the party hats and noisemakers (that you probably just got done packing up) because it’s time to count down to the New Year…again! Saturday, January 28th officially kicks off the Chinese New Year. What started many years ago as a cultural celebration of the new lunar calendar and animal has quickly turned into a global phenomenon, with countries around the world taking part in the celebration. In honor of the upcoming festivities, let’s take a moment to learn about the Chinese New Year.

Chinese New year 2017: Year of the Rooster

Fun Facts About the Chinese New Year

  • This year is the year of the rooster. The Chinese calendar follows a 12 year lunar cycle, making those born in 1933, 1945, 1957, 1969, 1981, 1993 and 2005 fellow roosters.
  • The start date always varies sometime between January 21st and February 20th and is determined by the Chinese lunar calendar.
  • Over 1 billion red envelopes are sold and traded among friends, family and even coworkers during the New Year. Typically, people exchange money and coins.
  • After Hong Kong, London has the biggest parties honoring the New Year. In 2015, more than 500 thousand people flooded the streets of London to celebrate.
  • The most fireworks in the world are sold during the Chinese New Year. No other place in the world has ever had as many fireworks go off in the same hour as China does when the New Year strikes (sorry America, but the 4th of July has around 1/10th the amount of fireworks). It shouldn’t come as much of a surprise, since China is responsible for 90% of the firework manufacturing in the world.
  • “Xinnian Kuaile” means “Happy New Year” and is pronounced”sshin-nyen kwhy-luh.”

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Top 10 Cold Weather Valentine’s Date Ideas

January 20, 2017

It’s known as the winter rut – the days pass and you realize it’s been weeks of going to work, coming home, eating dinner and heading to bed. We know it’s hard to plan a fun date night when the thermostat is reading 20 degrees outside, so if you’re running out of Valentine’s Day date ideas, have no fear! Whether you’re the kind of couple that likes to stay in and cuddle or go out and explore the snow covered town, we’ve got the ultimate guide to keeping that spark lit this season.

Couple in the Snow

1. Forget ‘Fun in the Sun’ – Choose ‘Fun in the Snow’

Whether you’re building a snowman, making a snow angel, or having an old fashioned snowball fight, there are SO many ways to enjoy a snow day date! If you’re feeling super adventurous, head to the mountain for some skiing or snowboarding. Or, if that’s a little too hardcore for you, grab a sled and spend the day sledding. Continue Reading…