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9 Gifts That Will Totally Win Over Your Teacher

August 14, 2014

We know it’s a lot of work to become the teacher’s favorite student but these gifts make it look seriously easy. Sharpen your pencils and get ready to take some notes on our favorite gift picks!

1. Teacher’s Pet

Teachers Pet, aDOGable

It’s the first day of school and everyone is going to be on their best behavior, so you’re going to have a lot of competition for teacher’s pet.  Send this adorable a-DOG-able and this year will be a “walk in the park!”

2. The Popcorn Factory Study Hard Deluxe Tin

The Popcorn Factory Study Hard Deluxe Tin

Trust us. Teachers love snacks as much as the kids in the classroom! With this gift, you’ll also proudly announce you “study hard” for each and every exam.

3. DIY Pencil Vases
DIY Pencil Vase for Back to School
What you’ll need: a cylindrical beverage glass, 20-25 pencils, 5 rubber bands, and flowers.

What you’ll gain: endless respect from your teacher for making this super cool DIY pencil vase.

4. You’re the Best Bouquet 

You’re the Best Bouquet

By telling your teacher or professor they are the best, you’re also leave them thinking you’re the best too!

5. Cheryl’s Sunflower Cookie Flower Pot

Cheryl's Sunflower Cookie Flower Pot

With a delicious flower pot of cookies, you’ve just safely secured the most coveted position in the classroom.

6. DIY Back to School Flowers and Vase

DIY Back to School Flowers and Vase

Brighten up the classroom (and your teacher’s face!) with a hand arranged bouquet in a reusable vase.

7. Handbag of Blooms  

Handbag of Blooms

Pop quiz! What does your teacher like better than flowers and handbags?

Answer: YOU. For sending this gift.

8. How to Decorate Back to School Notebooks with Flowers

Decorate Back to School Notebooks with Flowers

Your teacher will love these DIY notebooks, perfect for writing lesson plans and other notes. At this point there is no competition for teacher’s pet; you’ve already clinched that spot.

9. Cup of Cheer 

FruitBouquet's Cup of Cheer

Fruit Bouquets always get an A+ in the break-room. And, not only will you impress your teacher/professor but also the entire school staff!