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Floral Treasures Bouquet
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Expressions of Pink™
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Red Roses: Buy 12, Get 12 Free
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Sugar n’ Spice Bouquet™
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Two Dozen Assorted Roses
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Serene Green™
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Exotic Breeze™ Orchids
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Sweetheart Medley™
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Stunning Pink Oriental Lily Bouquet
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More About Hibiscus

About the Hibiscus:

The hibiscus flower is the epitome of femininity. Usually seen in a girl’s hair or representing a tropical vacation, the hibiscus symbolizes delicate beauty. While the hibiscus comes in a rainbow of colors, meanings tend to different from culture to culture. White stands for purity, beauty and the female. Yellow is associated with happiness, sunshine and having good luck. Pink stands for friendship and all kids of love, not just intimate or romantic love. Purple is associated with mystery, knowledge and the higher classes and red is a symbol of love and passion.

Facts About the Hibiscus:

Not only are hibiscuses known for the irreplaceable beauty, but they are very prominent in the medical community. Hibiscus is often used in many herbal teas, and is traditionally believed to help everything from heart disease to the common cold. The hibiscus is also the national flower or South Korea, Malaysia and Haiti. And women in Tahiti and Hawaii wear the hibiscus behind their right ear to give the message they are single and ready for marriage, while married women wear the flower behind their left ear.

Caring for your Hibiscus:

As part of your hibiscus care, you may transfer your hibiscus tree into the ground with the information card provided with your gift. Each tree arrived ready to be planted outdoors.

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