International Women's Day Flowers & Gifts


Honor the special women in your life all week long with beautiful flowers & gifts.

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Shades of Purple™
from $59.99
Floral Treasures Bouquet
from $39.99
Showers of Flowers™
from $39.99
Sunset Passion™
from $49.99
Expressions of Pink™
from $59.99
Rose Elegance™ Premium Long Stem Purple Roses
from $59.99
Sugar n’ Spice Bouquet™
from $49.99
Sweetheart Medley™
from $59.99
Reflections of Love™
from $74.99
Victorian Romance™
from $79.99
Pitcher Full of Sunflowers
from $64.99
Serene Green™
from $39.99
Orchid Embrace™
from $59.99
Marquis by Waterford® Purple Rose & Lily Bouquet
from $139.99
Love's Embrace™ Roses – Purple
from $39.99
More About International Women's Day Flowers & Gifts

International Women's Day, celebrated on March 8th, is right around the corner! With its roots dating back to the early 1900s, this holiday is as popular internationally as Valentine's Day. Rather than being a romantic celebration, IWD is an occasion to celebrate all of the special women in your life - be it a mother, a wife, a daughter, a friend or a coworker!

Just how do you celebrate International Women's Day? The most popular gift for this holiday is flowers, so pair a wo-worthy bouquet with a sweet sentiment she'll never forget!

Flowers accompany us in every occasion and milestone, with different flowers having a language of their own. As far back as the 18th century, flower enthusiasts have been dissecting the meaning of flower varieties and colors, emphasizing the idea of "saying it with flowers". The perfect variety for this occasion is one that celebrates love, honor, respect and achievement. Tulips and sunflowers both represent opportunity and achievement, so it would be appropriate to mix a few of these beauties into the bouquet. You may also want to consider your relationship with the recipient when choosing the appropriate flowers. Daisies are ideal for a friendly sentiment, while stunning red roses scream romance.

Above all, this day is about celebrating female accomplishments and progression! Mark your calendars and plan ahead to make this March 8th a moment to show appreciation to all the special women in your life!

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