Iris Flowers

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Floral Treasures Bouquet
from $39.99
Expressions of Pink™
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Two Dozen Red Roses
$49.99 - $70.99
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Sugar n’ Spice Bouquet™
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Two Dozen Assorted Roses
from $49.99
Serene Green™
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Exotic Breeze™ Orchids
$44.99 - $74.99
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Sweetheart Medley™
from $59.99
Stunning Pink Oriental Lily Bouquet
$39.99 - $60.99
SALE  $34.99 - $55.99
More About Iris Flowers

Iris Color Meanings:

Irises are one of the most beautiful and vibrant blooms that 1800Flowers has to offer. Stemmed from the Greek word for “rainbow”, irises can be found in a variety of colors. Any color bloom stands for royalty, so there is no better way to make your special someone feel like a queen than with a beautiful iris bouquet. However, alone the colors have different meanings. Purple represents wisdom, respect and compliments. Blue symbolizes hope and faith. Yellow is symbolic for passion. Lastly, white expresses purity and innocence.

Facts About Irises:

The iris flower is the birth flower for February, the flower that represents the 25th wedding anniversary and the state flower of Tennessee. However, the iris is also appreciated on the worldwide level, the beautiful bloom was also the inspiration for the national symbol for France; the fleur-de-lis. The ancient Greeks used the iris during many of their religious practices, such as planting purple irises on the graves of women. They believed that this would please the Greek Goddess Iris to lead their loved ones to heaven.

Caring for your Iris Bouquet:

When your iris bouquet has arrived to you our experts will have already taken off an excess leaves that may interfere with the life of the flower. However, you will still need to cut 1-2 inches off the bottom of each stem on an angle and place immediately into room temperature water. Display the flowers away from direct sunlight, and on an easily washable surface. Bearded irises can drip a sticky sap that may stain.

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