Hot Pink Knockout Rose Tree
Hot Pink Knockout Rose Tree

Hot Pink Knockout Rose Tree

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Product Code: 101155
It’s no wonder our unique rose tree is called “knockout”! Featuring petite blooms in a vibrant shade of pinkish-red, the hardy variety adds beauty and color to any sunny outdoor space, reaching a full height of seven feet and a width of four feet.Read More
  • Hot pink knockout rose tree arrives ready to be planted outdoors; measures overall approximately 48"H x 40"W
  • Arrives as a four-year-old tree
  • Planting location with partial shade or full sun recommended
  • Water 2-3 times per day in first 60 days upon arrival
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Climate Guide

This tree will thrive best in the following areas of the United States:

  • USDA Cold Hardiness Zones 5-9: can withstand average minimum temperatures of -20 to 30 F
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