Mass Cane Floor Plant

Mass Cane Floor Plant

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Product Code: 101083
This striking houseplant is nicknamed the Corn Plant for its long, sword-like leaves that resemble the foliage of actual corn. This robust tree is actually a member of the Dracaena group, known for its tenacious, rugged low-maintenance personality. The Mass Cane will thrive in an office or busy household, needing little attention and only moderate light to send lasting smiles.Read More
  • Mass Cane plant, aka Dracaena and Massangeana, features an abundance of stunning green leaves
  • Known as one of the most effective and efficient plants for removing indoor pollutants
  • Arrives in a striking metal embossed bronze tin planter; measures 10”H
  • Great gift to send congratulations to a new business partner or a new home
  • Measures overall approximately 48-60"H
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