When it is time to find the perfect gift for your Dutch friend, family member or colleague, 1-800-Flowers.com can help! In the Netherlands, many believe that gifts should be moderate and not over-the-top. The right floral arrangement and bouquets can help you express your sincere expressions and still honor the country's unique traditions.

Straight from the Heart
from $73.83
Dolce vita
from $30.50
from $24.08
San Francisco
from $37.99
Perfectly Pink Rose bouquet
from $37.00
Wonderful white roses
from $35.00
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Always & Forever
from $39.00
Romantic stunner
from $49.95
Red roses + chocolate and card
from $53.00
Giftset pink wealth
from $30.00
Teddy love giftset
from $29.00
Giftset San Francisco
from $50.00
Giftset Romantico
from $37.00
Specially for you
from $15.00
Evening sun
from $15.00
Floral blue
from $16.50
Color blind
from $12.50
Flirty Feline™
from $54.99
Local Florist Delivery
Romantic Roses
from $62.99
Antique Roses
from $62.99
Vibrant Roses
from $62.99
Colorful Roses
from $62.99
Rose & Lily Bouquet
from $72.99
Butterfly Garden Bouquet
from $77.99
Bakewell Tart Bouquet
from $120.00
Gerbera Jubbly Bouquet
from $77.99
Pink Rose Gift Bag Bouquet
from $57.99
Hydrangea Gift Bag Bouquet
from $68.99
Pink Orchid Gift Bag Bouquet
from $68.99
White Orchid Gift Bag Bouquet
from $68.99
Tutti Frutti Bouquet
from $57.99
Fruit Pastilles
from $57.99
Sherbet Fountain
from $32.99
White Roses
from $57.99
Pink Roses
from $57.99
Yellow Roses
from $57.99
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